Our Tribe

The Mind Body Soul Holistic Wellness Tribe


Stephanie R. Smith, M. Ed., C.H.E.S.

Stephanie was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts. She completed her Bachelor Degree of Science at Westfield State University in 2007 in Movement Science with a concentration of Physical Education. She continued her education with Worcester State University getting her Master Degree of Education in Health Education and graduated in 2013 as a Certified Health Education Specialist.  She later pursued a Holistic Health Coaching Certificate at Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Reiki Level One Certificate at Spirit’s Love Natural Healing & Wellness, and apprenticed for a year with Thyme Herbal in holistic herbalism. She is currently an adjunct professor at Worcester State University in the Health Sciences Department.

In addition to, she has taught health and physical education in a Massachusetts Public School System for ten years. She opened her holistic practice in March of 2016 named Mind Body Soul Holistic Wellness as owner, Wellness and Nutrition Coach, Health Educator, and Reiki Practitioner. In June 2017, she joined forces with her sister-in-law Kelly Smith. This included expanding and relocating her wellness business to Maine with the addition of The Root & Leaf Tea Shoppe and Apothecary.

Stephanie loves to have fun.  In her free time, she is found biking, scooting, hiking, trail running, rock climbing, snowboarding, and more with her two adorable huskies.

She is also a very vocal and proactive advocate on many fronts including areas of nutrition, education, wellness, and human and animal rights. She has spent her greatest amount of time working with the D.A.R.K. Act (H.R. 1599) protesting for label laws regarding Genetically Modified Organisms.

Stephanie is humbled and honored to be on this journey to share love, light, and healing with her wonderful new community.

Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith is co-owner of Mind Body Soul Holistic Wellness as well as The Root & Leaf Tea Shoppe and Apothecary.  Kelly has been in the small-business field since childhood as her parents owned a Portuguese restaurant in Western Massachusetts.  She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and eventually took over ownership of the family business for over three years. Kelly has been practicing holistic healing her whole life and is thrilled to share a space that can provide numerous healing modalities to others.  

Kelly is a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine and finds sheer joy in the happiness of others.  The light of joy shines brightest when Kelly spends time with loved ones, her husband and cuddly dog Bear.

An adventurer by nature, Kelly enjoys traveling, the beach, kayaking, tennis, hiking, snowshoeing, cooking, dancing, gardening, reading and learning new things.  Kelly’s love for nature, food and culture will lend itself to hosting a variety of workshops here at Mind Body Soul Holistic Wellness.

“Thank you for joining Stephanie and I on our dream-journey” – Kelly


Erin Bennett

Erin has a passion for Holistic health. Placing her toes on a yoga mat was one of the best moves she’s made for herself in this life. The wholeness, balance and harmony that Erin’s life became is the fire that lit the passion in her to pursue a career in which she could share and give back this peacefulness and whole body health to others. In 2015,  she attended a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Littleton NH through the YogaNH program. During her time in that program she also completed a Level 1 Shamanic Reiki certification, teaching her to use earth tools to aid in shifting our energy. Erin is in a constant state of learning, growing and evolving, and only asks the same of her students.

Lynnette Cumberland

Lynnette Cumberland is the founder and owner of Uncommon Apothecary. Her passion for herbalism and self-healing began over 20 years ago when she healed herself of severe allergies. This gentle, effective, and empowering experience was so inspiring that she began to delve more deeply into the realm of natural healing with an intense passion. Food became her medicine; foraging and gardening her responsibility.

She began studying under a very wise herbalist, friend, and teacher; Carol Felice, who in turn had studied under world renowned herbalist Susan Weed. While studying herbalism she also obtained a BA in behavioral science with a focus on creative writing, psychology, and natural studies. Her course on plant botany connected her with her herbal studies and the plants themselves very strongly.

In the midst of her growth as a healer, her heart was broken when a rare tornado hit her family’s homestead and took down 20 acres of a mature pine stand. This happened just a few months after her herb, native flower, and vegetable gardens were established. This loss affected her greatly. The trees and gardens were a great comfort to her family, and their demolition was devastating. She coped with this tragedy by healing the land with the help of the NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service), family, and friends. She led a great planting all over the acreage. The small gardens prior to the tornado were transformed into acres of native flowers and herbs. She planted sustainably and according to the landscape and soil. Aside from the herb and flower gardens, a fruit orchard and 5,000 low bush/500 high bush blueberries were added. This mass planting was not only healing, but extremely educational and bonding to her herbal studies. It was beautiful to witness the transformation of a battered and beaten land.

This powerful experience manifested an opportunity to incorporate gardening with herbalism. She began designing and creating sustainable, native medicine gardens. She used the sun, the soil, and the natural elements of the landscape in each custom design. The gardens created were customized even further by focusing on the medicinal needs of each customer.

After years of guiding family and friends in natural healing, she took a job at a natural food store assisting customers with their ailments and struggles. She was promoted to buyer and gained more knowledge of the many supplements and herbs needed for a healthy life. It brought her great joy to hear the success stories and appreciation of people in her community. It was then that she realized her education in herbalism and healing would continue to be an evolutionary process.  She was inspired to further her education at Greenwood Herbal School in Limerick, Maine; where she received her current title, Lynnette Cumberland, Clinical Herbalist!

Dennis Fallo

Dennis teaches classes in tai chi for seniors through local adult education programs and also joins tai chi players in modified Yang style, short form # 37, at a local senior center each week. The senior center is operated by the local YMCA. Dennis holds a third degree black belt in Shaolin Kenpo and has practiced some, Kung Fu San Soo and Aikido and continues practices in Tai Chi Fan, Tai Chi Sword, Yang Tai Chi, Sun Tai Chi and Chen Tai Chi through the Tai Chi for Health programs.

Classes will be added onto the adult education tai chi sessions integrating Tai Chi for Arthritis……With the focus on mature adults, the class participants continue to grow and the Tai Chi for Health programs are quickly gaining in popularity! Tai Chi for Rehabilitation is also offered through adult education programs and is an ideal program many folks recovering from ill health.

Melissa Ferrigno

Melissa began practicing yoga when looking for an outlet to help with balancing all her day-to-day tasks, while reducing stress and countering her other work out activities. After her first vinyasa yoga flow class she was hooked. Melissa had found a place where she could let go and focus on her connection of mind, body, and spirit while toning and strengthening her body. Wanting to deepen her practice and learn more about the history and philosophy behind yoga, Melissa completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Breathing Room in South Portland Maine in 2013. She began teaching regular classes shortly after which helped her to develop her own authentic voice and style when practicing and teaching classes, and enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge with others. Melissa holds space with the hope that each student is able to come to class, let go of their busy lives, and become reconnected to their breath and body. She also holds certifications in Restorative Yoga, Prenatal, and Children’s.

Off the mat, Melissa enjoys running, hiking, and snowboarding. In warm months she enjoys relaxing at the beach and being in the sunshine. Melissa received an Undergraduate Degree in Communication with a minor in Holistic Health and Education, and a Master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education both from the University of Southern Maine.

Steph Glatzer

Steph has 30 years of experience in Yoga, Pilates, Stretch Class as well as a number of other fitness classes.  She received her certification through the University of Southern Maine and has been practicing since.  Steph works hard to keep her Pilates class fun and enjoyable leaving you feeling relaxed and happy.

When Steph is not on mat, she is an X-Ray Technologist and Medical Assistant.  During her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, going to the beach, painting, camping, movies, being outside, gardening, cooking, animals, kayaking and enjoys reading magazines. 

Jennie Hasting

Jennie Hastings (Sri Devi) has been on a yogic path since 2001 when she had the great fortune of stumbling into a yoga class with Sofia Diaz in Boulder, CO. Since then she has practiced asana and meditation with great love and devotion with many people and teachers. She completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2011 with ShivaShakti School of Yoga and Healing Arts in Rockland, ME, and in December 2016 completed another 200 hour yoga teacher training at Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat in The Bahamas. Jennie lives between Cornish, ME and the ashram in The Bahamas depending on the season. She works for the Programming Department at Sivananda Bahamas and assists in yoga teacher trainings when there. Jennie is also a board-certified massage therapist, author, and contributing writer for Massage & Bodyworkmagazine. 


Tracy Liberty

Tracy’s healing practice focuses on allowing women to REBIRTH themselves by facilitating their transformation through intuitive guidance/channeling, shamanic healing, and ceremonial work. 

She is able to help others find their way to their own heart and live from the alive presence of Spirit within. She is not affiliated with any organized religion. She may conduct ceremonies and blessings and act as a spiritual coach for others to help them REBIRTH themselves within the endless cycles of transformation in life.

Tracy’s services include offering shamanic healing in the form of soul retrieval, extraction work, wound healing, and power animal retrieval. She also offers Polarity therapy, Oracle card readings and Shamanic journeys/clairvoyant readings on a particular question or issue.

To find out more specific information on the individual services please visit: www.tracyliberty.vistaprintdigital.com/shamanic-healing

Agnieszka Monsen

Agnieszka Monsen is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Ayurvedic Spiritual Counselor. She received her training at the New World Ayurveda School in Gorham, Maine, a NAMA recognized academy. Agnieszka’s love of Nature led her to the study of natural healing arts, instilled environmental awareness, and deepened her bond with the plant and animal kingdoms. Agnieszka uses the Ayurvedic knowledge of subtle energies represented in the pulse and natural substances to assess the body’s state of balance and shares how to harmonize the physiology with dietary and lifestyle recommendations to heal in the most natural way.

Agnieszka also trained as an Ayurvedic Spiritual Counselor to assist people on their spiritual path and to be of service in time of need and turmoil. As part of her practice, Agnieszka teaches Heart-Based Meditation to those who wish to develop cosmic awareness, still the mind and reach greater attunement with the laws of Nature.

By combining these two holistic approaches, Agnieszka offers guidance in creating balance in Mind, Body and Soul, and wholeness of Life.


Lea Moon

Lea Moon’s healing journey began over 30 years ago when she first started treatment for addiction, mental illness, and trauma. Her healing has inspired life long passion for embodied wellness and a calling to support others in their journey.

In 2001-2003 Lea ran an art collective and produced a healthy body image project called the I Am Project. In 2006 Lea was certified in Reiki 1-3, began offering Conscious Dance classes and retreats, and trained in the ZEGG Forum. In 2007-2009 she got her second Reiki certification, trained in The Heart of Now for 18 months, and received light body activations, DNA activations, and other transmissions through The Children of The Sun. In 2010-2014 she owned The Awake Collective a healing arts collective and founded Ecstatic Dance Maine. In 2012 Lea opened her own private practice and developed her own therapeutic approach which she calls Live Alive Therapy™. In 2013 Lea was trained by enlightened teacher Dave Oshana in a energy field clearing technique he simply called Energy Work. In 2014 Lea trained and received her certification to be a Dancing Freedom facilitator which is a somatic, ecstatic, and shamanic dance practice. in 2015-2016 Lea assisted and volunteered for an meditation and enlightened teacher Igor Kufayev at Flowing Wakefulness. The last few years Lea has been in the intimate role of daily caregiver of her mother-in-law during end stage dementia and midwifed her through her death portal.

In 2018 Lea re-opened her private practice, Live Alive Therapy™ in her new home town and is offering individual sessions and group work in both Cornish and Portland Maine, or online. 

Karen Remington

Karen is the seventh of nine children; five girls and four boys.  Originally from New York, but moved to Vermont at age 25 – a true blessing.  She has been happily married for twenty years with two young adult children.  Her family is thankful that she found Yoga and serve as a reminder when she needs to practice at times.  Karen has been practicing yoga for over thirteen years.  Her first teacher, a Yoga Goddess in Vermont, incorporated many styles within her teachings with an emphasis on alignment and opening to grace.  Karen’s own yoga teacher training incorporates Hatha and Vinyasa.  She merges these styles with a dash of her Shamanic and Reiki stills to focus on breath, alignment, chakras, releasing what we do not need and working to build the Agni (fire) within.  Karen works to find balance within her own practice so that she can also apply these skills of balance to life on and off the mat. 

Yoga is a way of life.  Through the teachings, practice, meditation, and principals of yoga; it provides her and millions of others with tools in life to work on being the best version of ourselves. When she falters, she works on coming back to the mat, back to her breath and connecting to her higher self. 

Karen is very excited to teach at Mind Body Soul Holistic Wellness and is eager to meet and connect with the Cornish community as she has only lived her a year.  Karen will soon be sharing her own space as she is opening a home studio right here in town.  She will be offering Yoga sessions, drumming circles, Shamanic healing, and Horseback riding lessons (with or without the emphasis on Yoga). -Namaste-

Laura Webb

After being certified as a Reiki Master teacher in the traditional Usui lineage in 2004, Laura began a deep exploration of how this connected to the more Earth-based energy-work she’s been practicing since the seventies.  Rounding our her studies with Shamanism, primarily Harners “core Shamanism” as taught by Nan Moss and David Corbin, and Yoga (200-hour teacher training with Leslie of Wellhart Yoga). These teachings helped formalize her education in Chakras.  Chakras are the energy centers often worked with in her Reiki practice and ultimately realizing they truly are the same source.  

Laura looks forward to being a part of the Mind Body Soul Holistic Wellness journey.

Gabe Schiff-Verre

Gabe is a native to Maine and grew up in South Portland. He received his Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2012 from The Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Denver, Colorado. This 4 year program consists of 1,280 hours of education and 795 hours of clinical practice. Gabe’s training covers therapies such as Moxibustion, Tui Na massage, Cupping, auriculotherapy, E-Stim, herbal therapy and lifestyle and dietary recommendations. He was Board certified as an Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in June 2012 and is a registered and licensed acupuncturist in the state of Maine. Memberships include the American Acupuncture Association, the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and the Maine Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Before receiving his education in Traditional Chinese Medicine Gabe was a certified Hypnotherapist and ran a practice in Boulder, Colorado. His education includes a Level II Reiki certification and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Maine in Photography.
Gabe’s knowledge and versatility in different fields of alternative medicine allow him a unique perspective in treating people’s physical, spiritual and emotional disharmonies holistically, allowing healing to take place in all levels of the body.
In his free time Gabe loves to travel, exploring the outdoors, studying different modalities of medicine throughout the world and spending time with his dog, Maizey. He is an avid backpacker, climber, fine art photographer and aspiring foodie. 

Andy Yale

Andy Yale feels very lucky to live in Parsonsfield, which reminds him of the small town in New York State where he grew up. A writer, photographer and carpenter, for forty years he has studied meditation directly with great masters in both  the Eastern and Western traditions.The father of 2 grown sons, Andy has worked extensively with kids in crisis, helping them succeed through the use of manual trades and meditation techniques.

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